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"I really like the interaction and the academic nature. You do a great job of explaining concepts and offering examples, then having the break out teams reinforces the message."

-Anne Marie, workshop participant

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Workshop: July 11 12:00PM - 1:30PM ET

What Game Are We Playing?

Cost: Free

In this 90 minute session, we'll explore aligning corporate strategy and product strategy and the tactics we can use to understand, curate and leverage a winning game plan for the business.

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Workshop: July 25 12:00PM - 1:30PM ET

Building a Customer Discovery Machine

Cost: Free

In this 90 minute session, we'll explore how we can capture quantitative and qualitative information for key decision-making. Engage in hands-on activities to extract info from common sources.

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Workshop: August 8 12:00PM - 1:30PM ET

Precision, Pricing and Packaging

Cost: Free

In this 90 minute session, we'll explore approaches toward how we price and package our products. What's the best way to identify value metrics? What are common pitfalls in pricing products? How does pricing align with strategy?

Student Testimonials


John Zilch, Jr.

  • Twelve year career in Product Management, serving in leadership roles at several tech organizations.

  • Over twenty years in technology, assuming Data Analysis and Product Management and Project Management roles.

  • Lecturer in Providence College's MBA program for eight semesters.

Team Workshops

Upskill your product team today with a full day, interactive workshop.

Title: "Building a Discovery Machine"

Why? One of the most critical components of the Product role is gathering and analyzing the inputs that will lead to eureka moments and help us steer the product in the right direction. How do we understand the market? Product usage? Customer needs? In a world of increasing data, it’s critical we can remove the noise and focus on the pieces most critical.

Learn: Capturing voice-of-customer, data analysis, business intelligence, inputs into prioritization, CRM, business process engineering, Product operations

Title: "Creating Value Brick by Brick"

Why? Developing products is where most Product leaders spend most of their time, partnering with Engineering and Design on bringing new offerings to life through efficient processes and approaches. Learn the approaches and skills necessary to bring a product from concept to a winning product.

Learn: Agile methodology, waterfall methodology, product lifecycle planning, alpha/beta, user story development, JIRA, design tools, cross-functional collaboration, customer usability studies, capacity planning.

Title: "What Game Are We Playing?"

Why? Strategy is the root of all business and priority decisions in Product Management. Who am I building for? Why? In this session, we will review classic corporate strategy frameworks and how they apply to business today. We will go down one level to the product strategy level and discuss how one can craft, understand and deploy a winning product strategy.

Learn: Corporate strategy, Porter’s strategy matrix, Porter’s five forces, customer segmentation, quality matrix, product strategy tenets, prioritization frameworks, feasibility analysis, roadmap process and design.

Title: "The Product Launch Playbook"

Why? Building products is only one part of the equation. How do we get products into customers hands? In this session, we will cover the go-to-market element of product management and how we can best set up our products for market success. Whether we support the go-to-market or lead the process, this session will broadly cover how to commercialize a product.

Learn: Pricing and packaging, positioning, sales enablement, conjoint analysis, GTM planning, cross-functional communication, product launch planning.

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